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Annual Wheel Rail Interaction Conference - EU

Wheel Rail Seminars is partnering with VIRTUAL VEHICLE to bring you the 2nd European Wheel Rail Interaction (WRI) Conference in Graz, Austria!

The WRI Conferences are devoted to wheel/rail interaction. We look at the issues from all sides, not as “track” or “vehicle” issues, but at the contributing and mitigating factors that make wheel/rail interaction a systems issue. WRI EU is dedicated to addressing the types of issues facing European railways and metro systems. It should be emphasized that WRI EU provides a unique environment based on strong scientific fundamentals, but with a practical real world focus.

The VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center in Graz has been researching new technologies in the railway field for over 10 years.

The research activities of the Rail Systems Group at VIRTUAL VEHICLE are concentrated on:

  • Safe, green and cost-efficient vehicles
  • Sustainable and reliable infrastructure
  • Vehicle-track-environment interaction and whole-rail-system assessment