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L. B. Foster Abstract:

LB Foster

Maximizing Benefits from your Friction Management Program

L.B. Foster Rail Technologies continues to lead the industry by providing our customers with new and innovative Friction Management (FM) products and services which, on an individual basis, can improve functionality as well as reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Many railroads also realize that maximizing the benefits from existing FM programs can also significantly increase the value of these programs. Cost benefit studies have demonstrated that for every $1 spent on a FM program, generated benefits can range from $2 - $3.

To maximize FM program benefits, it is important to understand:

  • That all components of the FM program (equipment, consumables, service and measurement) should be viewed as a single integrated solution;
  • The role that the wheel/rail interface plays in the FM program; and
  • The constraints imposed by existing railroad operations and its’ impact on the FM program

L.B. Foster will discuss and present its approach to maximizing benefits at this InfoZone.