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Vossloh Rail Abstract:


Vossloh Rail Services - A global technical leader for rail milling and rail life cycle maintenance.

As the biggest rail milling service provider in the world and with a wide variety of rail maintenance machines and technologies, Vossloh is launching its service offerings to the North America market for the first time in 2019. In addition to our high output milling trains, we also offer new proprietary solutions such as our Vossloh Multi-Purpose Milling Machine. By combining the mobility of the smaller unit and the corrective maintenance performance of milling, the Multi-purpose Milling Machine is tailored for hot-spots and turnouts for both Class 1 and rail transit networks.

Rail milling technology offers numerous advantages within the scope of rail maintenance. The cutting depth combined with a pre-set target profile allows for a highly accurate and efficient rail re-profiling and defect removal, which in many cases could serve as an alternative to complete rail replacement. Additionally, the rail milling process is dust and spark-free, allowing for service on wooden bridges, tunnels, and fire exposed areas even in dry season.

This Info Zone addresses questions on the rail machining specifications, as well as the potentials and limitations of mobile rail milling. This presentation will also discuss the potential future field of work for the rail milling technology, along with the natural limitations.

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