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Jon Jeambey

Jon Jeambey


Manganese Steel Cup Liners for 125-Ton Truck Bolster Bowls in Articulated Well Cars

The interface between a truck bolster bowl and the car body centerplate acts as a pivot bearing for the truck in curving. In 1993 the industry switched from welded-in vertical wear rings and horizontal liners to non-metallic cup liners in the 125-ton truck bolster bowls of articulated well cars. This was one of 12 recommendations intended to reduce gauge-spreading derailments occurring in curves under loaded cars. The non-metallic cup liners were not without their issues including shorter life, loss of thickness and cold flow of the cup material out of the bowl. Through a series of laboratory and controlled track tests and in service trials, manganese steel, work-hardening cup liners were also found to be an effective, low friction center pivot bearing for 125-ton trucks in articulated well cars. This report summarizes the results from the various tests and from the service trials.