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Patrick Cullen

Patrick Cullen
NRC – Surface Transportation


Review of Rail Grinding and Wheel/Rail Interaction on Dubai Metro

National Research Council Canada, as part of a team of engineers and consultants, undertook a project at Dubai Metro to investigate and provide conclusions with regards to: wheel rolling contact fatigue (RCF), wheel climb risk, the occurrence of bogie hunting, the causes and remediation of rail corrugation, the need for improved friction management practices, and the state of current rail grinding practices. This presentation focuses on rail grinding at Dubai Metro – specifically whether the current grinding machine provided by the maintenance contractor was “fit for purpose.” The investigation and analysis performed during and subsequent to a May 2014 field visit to Dubai determined that the current grinders are not productive enough to maintain a preventive grinding program, and were causing an unfavorable wheel-rail interaction. This led to NRC’s recommendation to procure a new grinder capable of maintaining a preventive grinding program fit for one of the most advanced metros in the world, which will help Dubai Metro in their effort to effectively manage wheel and rail wear in a harsh desert environment.