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Biography: Karoline Alten works as a scientist and project coordinator in the unit Transportation Infrastructure Technologies at AIT Austrian Institute of Technology. Her main area of research is structural dynamics, with particular focus on vibration engineering and acoustics. She joined the company in 2009 after completing a degree in Geophysics at the University of Vienna and working in the field of seismic data processing for offshore and onshore exploration.

Her current line of work focuses on the application and analysis of onboard vibro-acoustic monitoring to detect hotspots in light railway networks. She is in charge of projects concerning the establishment of a means of long-term monitoring using onboard sensors on trams together with Vienna’s public transit operator. In the past, Karoline Alten has managed several projects concerning the mitigation and prediction of vibration and structure-borne noise related to railbound vehicles, using artificial train simulation and in-situ measurements.

Karoline Alten is a board member of the Austrian Geophysical Society and a member of the Austrian Standard Institute’s Committee 138 for Acoustics and Vibration. She is certified tester for various Austrian and German standards regarding vibration measurements and author of several papers concerning the monitoring of road and rail traffic-related emissions.