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Don Eadie

Don Eadie
Don Eadie Consulting

Biography: Don Eadie is an independent consultant specializing in wheel / rail interaction (Friction Management), as well as in new technology development. As a consultant he has worked since 2016 on multiple North American transit systems, providing input on practical improvements to better control wear, noise and corrugations. From 1999 through 2015 Don was Vice President, Technology and Commercialization for Kelsan Technologies and their successor company LB Foster Rail Technologies. During this period he was intimately involved with the development and implementation of novel Top of Rail friction management technology on railways in North America, Europe and Asia. This work encompassed multiple science based field evaluations of safety and performance of this new technology, and communication of the results to the industry through conference presentations and peer reviewed papers. He also built a technical team at Kelsan that enjoyed a strong reputation for technical excellence and integrity. Prior to joining the railway industry, Don held senior technical positions in the forest products and petroleum industries. He holds BA and PhD degrees in Chemistry.