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Paul Mittermayr

Paul Mittermayr
Managing Director, Head of R&D
Bureau of Applied Mechanics & Mathematics

Biography: Paul Mittermayr is Managing Director of the Bureau of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics (BAMM), a company specializing in areas related to the rail/wheel interface on both heavy-haul and transit systems. Mr. Mittermayr started BAMM in 1995, and it continues to progress as the main research partner of the Vienna Transport Authorities (Wiener Linien) and the Austrian Federal Railways (OBB) in the fields of contact geometry, profile optimization, and wheel-rail interaction.

Mr. Mittermayr graduated with the degree Dipl.-Ing. in Mechanical Engineering from the Vienna University of Technology in 1985. In 1991 he received a doctor's degree (PhD) from the Vienna University of Technology. He has more than 20 years of experience working in the fields of railway, transit and vehicle dynamics. Mr. Mittermayr began his railway career with his diploma thesis at the Institute of Mechanics of the Vienna University of Technology. After receiving his engineering degree, he continued working as an assistant professor until receiving his doctor's degree. From 1997 until 2010 he was a guest professor for the lecture “Application of multibody-dynam¬ics of rail vehicles” at the Vienna University of Technology. From 1992 until 1995 he worked as postdoctoral research fellow in the Bureau of Applied Mathematics of Dr. Walter Heindl in Vienna. After Dr. Heindl passed away in 1995 he founded the Bureau of Applied Mechanics and Mathematics. Since then he is Managing Director of Dr. Mittermayr Scientific GmbH & Co KG.

Mr. Mittermayr is a member of

  • GAMM (International Association of Applied Mathematics and Mechanics),
  • ÖIAV (Austrian Engineers and Architects Society),
  • ÖVG (Austrian Association for Transport Sciences),
  • ÖVG-Research Group for Railway Technology (Track System),
  • RTCA (Rail Technology Cluster Austria, 2003-2017), and the
  • Working group on the new European Standard for the Equivalent Conicity CEN/TC 256/WG 10 N 555 – EN 15302.

Since 2005 he is a licensed professional engineer in the field mechanical engineering in Austria.

Since July 2008 Mr. Mittermayr is a certified European Railway Engineer (EURAIL-ING) on the basis DIN EN 17024.