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Kevin Moore

Kevin Moore

Net Consulting Group

Biography: Kevin Moore is President and Co-Founder of Net Consulting Group, Inc.. Established in 2009, Net Consulting Group specializes in providing consulting services and software solutions to the transit and railroad industry with a strong focus on Linear Asset Management and Rail & Track Maintenance Optimization.

Prior to The Net Consulting Group, Mr. Moore helped develop and start Optram Inc. which was acquired by Bentley Systems in 2005. He ran the Optram division at Bentley Systems and subsequently ran the Software Solutions Division at SYSTRA Consulting. Mr. Moore has over 15 years of experience building, integrating and customizing railway specific computer solutions.

In 2013, Mr. Moore was asked to help WMATA improve their linear asset maintenance planning program by implementing and optimizing an integrated Optram software solution. As technical lead and advisor, he has worked extensively on this project and continues to help WMATA in this effort.