Rail Transit Sessions Speaker:


Mark Reimer

Mark Reimer
Chief Technical Officer

Advanced Rail Management

Biography: Mark Reimer is Chief Technical Officer with Advanced Rail Management / Global Rail Group where he has worked on projects related to the wheel-rail interface over the past eight years. His primary focus is on developing multi-year rail maintenance programs and on developing software tools to effectively disseminate information.

Prior to his work at ARM/GRG, Mark worked as a consultant in the mining and transportation industries, and in construction management for bulk commodity loadout facilities. Over the past several years his focus has been on developing rail maintenance programs and the data that supports them. This includes eddy current, corrugation, and rail profile data, as well as surface roughness, onboard and wayside noise, and ultrasonic testing data. He is currently using these data sets to quantify the effectiveness of rail maintenance programs at several transit agencies that are transitioning from corrective to preventive approaches to rail grinding.

Mark holds a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering (with a focus on transportation) from the University of Manitoba.