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Martin P. Schroeder

Martin P. Schroeder
Chief Technology Officer

American Public Transportation Association

Biography: Association with responsibility for technical and operational programs related to all modes of rail and bus transit systems including light and heavy rail (subway), streetcars and commuter rail systems, bus, and energy technologies. Mr. Schroeder leads efforts in industry standardization including Passenger Rail Equipment Safety Standards (PRESS) for commuter rail systems. Mr. Schroeder is chairman of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Rail Transit Standards Committee responsible for writing crashworthiness standards for light and heavy rail vehicles, is chairman of the U.S. working group for the International Standards Organization in Public Transportation, is the APTA representative to the Transportation Research Board J-4 Panel on emerging technologies, and serves as the industry representative to the FRA Rail Safety Advisory Committee representative on crashworthiness. Mr. Schroeder was previously an engineering consultant to rail transit engineering programs, group manager for research of wind energy technology, senior engineer for aerospace flight control systems, and assistant professor of mechanical engineering at Western Michigan University. Mr. Schroeder has a graduate degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan and is a registered professional engineer.