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Harry Skoblenick, P. Eng.

Harry Skoblenick, P. Eng.
Director, Structural Mechanics

Bombardier Transportation

Biography: Harry Skoblenick is a Senior Expert - Structural Mechanics for Bombardier Transportation, North America, with offices located in Kingston, Canada, The department specializes in the specification and installation of new rail transit projects, vehicle design and manufacturing, Operation and Maintenance support, and the development of wheel/rail interface techniques to improve steering and ride quality.

Harry has spent more than 30 years at Bombardier Transportation in railway engineering, as well as providing on-site management at various international projects, including those in Malaysia, Korea, China, and North America.

He has acquired in-depth knowledge of wheel/rail interface requirements; factors affecting rail corrugation and track noise; high-damping track fastener systems; and turnout and frog designs. His work has resulted in several patents within Bombardier’s transportation division.

Harry holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen's University of Kingston, Ontario.