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Heavy Haul Sessions Speaker:


Brandon Teal

Brandon Teal
Product Manager – Wheel Truing and Reprofiling Machines

NSH USA Corporation

Biography: Brandon Teal is the Product Manager, Wheel Truing/Reprofiling at NSH USA Corporation in Albany, New York. Teal started at NSH USA in 2006 as a Field Service Technician, installing and commissioning underfloor wheel lathes and other Hegenscheidt and Simmons products around the world. This hands-on knowledge proved valuable when he transitioned to Machine Sales Associate and later Sales Engineer. In his current role as a Product Manager, Teal continues to lead sales efforts for the Stanray® wheel truing (TN-84C and M-Series), Hegenscheidt wheel reprofiling (U2000-150/400 and HP-165), and Simmons wheel set maintenance product lines. He is involved with coordinating product specifications with Engineering, Sales, and Marketing, as well as developing strategies for next generation machines and continuous improvement of current systems.

Teal has a background in digital electronics, information technology, and industrial mechanics and engineering. He is the Chairperson of the Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association’s (LMOA) Facilities, Material, and Support Committee.