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Raffaele Trentadue

Raffaele Trentadue
Head of Rail Cars & Shops, Subway Operations

Biography: Raffaele Trentadue is currently working as the Head of Rail Cars & Shops in subway operations for the 3rd largest Transit Company in North America, the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). In his current capacity, he plans and directs operations for Rolling Stock Subway Vehicle Maintenance, including overseeing the procurement of the new TR – Toronto Rocket subway trains. He has achieved an expert level of knowledge pertaining to rolling stock in the rail transit industry; in his 29 years with the TTC, Raffaele has progressed through numerous managerial/supervisory and technical positions directly contributing to the development, implementation and execution of maintenance methodologies and practices for Subway and Streetcar fleets including, asset/project management strategies, contract compliance, facility management and adherence to safety legislative requirements.

Raffaele has also participated as an operations subject matter expert for several projects that include Transit City Master Plan, Leslie Barns/Mount Dennis LRV maintenance facility program of requirements; Subway Operations Rail Amalgamation Study and Line 2 Bloor Danforth – BD Modernization Program. He is also the President of the Rail/Wheel Noise and Vibration Committee and an executive member of the Asset Management Committee (AMX). In addition, Raffaele developed and facilitated maintenance-training programs, Standard Operating Procedures for the Streetcar and Subway Maintenance Departments in order to establish a consistent set of principles and guidelines. He has developed and implemented a variety of performance-based metrics to monitor operations and accurately forecast future goals and results on an operational level with an emphasis on continuous performance improvements.