Rail Transit Sessions Speaker:


Andy Vickerstaff

Andy Vickerstaff
Senior Wheel-Rail Interface Engineer
Transport for London

Biography: Andy Vickerstaff is the Principal Engineer for Track Components & Configuration within the Permanent Way engineering department of Transport for London.

Andy began his career with London Underground in 2008 as a graduate trainee on the mechanical engineering scheme before joining the track engineering team within maintenance in 2010. In 2012 he started a specific wheel-rail interface department within this team and developed strategies for the monitoring of rolling contact fatigue, rail grinding, preventative wheel turning regimes and adhesion management.

In 2018 he was transferred into the new engineering department of Transport for London prior to being appointed to his current role in 2019. Andy retains delegated technical authority for wheel-rail interface from the Head of Permanent Way engineering and now applies this to the introduction of new components and development of standards, whilst still being involved in the whole lifecycle of assets.

Andy is a chartered engineer as recognised by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers and holds Master of Engineering and Master of Philosophy degrees from the University of Bath.