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For more than 40 years, ENSCO has been leading the rail industry worldwide in the delivery of new and advanced technologies to improve the safety, security and quality of operations. As an international leader in advanced rail technology solutions for passenger, transit and freight markets, the ENSCO name represents the rail industry’s premier source for:

  • Track measuring systems
  • Autonomous track inspection systems
  • Machine vision track inspection systems
  • Track maintenance planning software
  • Vehicle/track interaction dynamics analysis

Lorem Maintenance of Way

For more than 60 years, Loram has been providing railroad maintenance equipment and services to freight, passenger and transit railroads. Loram’s reputation rests on our performance as a contractor offering a wide range of track maintenance services:

  • Production and specialty rail grinding
  • Ditch cleaning
  • Shoulder ballast cleaning
  • Undercutting
  • Spot undercutting utilizing our Railvac®
  • Rail handling
  • Full service friction management
  • Track lifting
  • Data services

For more information visit: www.loram.com.


Whitmore Rail. Friction Control Made Easy.

Since 1893, Whitmore has set the standard for industry’s toughest and most demanding applications. For more than twenty years, our excellent reputation for developing high- performance petroleum and biodegradable rail curve and switch plate lubricants has grown. Today, rail customers worldwide rely on Whitmore to exceed specific requirements. We create cost-effective solutions that make maintenance easier and increase productivity by taking comprehensive friction management to the next level. Our technologically advanced rail lubrication products include our electric trackside applicators that provide consistent output in all temperatures. And we recently introduced a revolutionary new top of rail friction modifier that provides optimum friction at the wheel-rail interface. Whitmore is the only company in the world that manufactures rail lubricants, friction modifiers and rail lubrication equipment. Our custom-tailored lubrication and friction management products and services can save you time and money.

Amsted Rail

Amsted Rail Company is a manufacturer of a complete portfolio of railcar components. Amsted Rail Company focuses on providing system solutions: complete rail car truck & braking systems (Trucks/Bogies, Wheels, Bearings, Axles, Hand Brakes, Slack Adjusters, Empty/Load Devices, Truck Mounted Brakes, Brake Cylinders, Truck Mounted Brake Rigging & Wear Prevention Components), various railcar devices such as pellet gate & empty load devices and end of car energy management systems (Couplers, Yokes, Draft Gears, Cast Draft Sills, Cushioning Units) for all heavy haul railways around the world. In addition, Amsted Rail Company provides track fastening solutions and asset monitoring (GPS & Condition Based Monitoring) solutions for transit and heavy haul rail.


Vossloh Rail Services - A global technical leader for rail milling and rail life cycle maintenance.

As the biggest rail milling service provider in the world and with a wide variety of rail maintenance machines and technologies, Vossloh is launching its service offerings to the North America market for the first time in 2019. In addition to our high output milling trains, we also offer new proprietary solutions such as our Vossloh Multi-Purpose Milling Machine. By combining the mobility of the smaller unit and the corrective maintenance performance of milling, the Multi-purpose Milling Machine is tailored for hot-spots and turnouts for both Class 1 and rail transit networks.

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